An Amazing Day

Last Thursday was an amazing day at the office! A dental office? Exciting? Does this sound like a nitrous oxide leak? Well, believe it or not, all of the above are true (except for the part about the nitrous). So what made the day so special?

Well, to start off, Thursday was a day when we stopped looking at ourselves in a funhouse mirror and seeing a tooth mechanic in the reflection. It gave us a chance to reflect on the fact that we have the ability to change people’s lives. We saw a patient who is transitioning from a neglected, dangerous state of oral disease to a point of health. Watching this gentleman walk in with a smile on his face, completely out of the pain that had kept him up for a few days straight, was wonderful.

Later in the day we saw two patients for implant placement. Implants are artificial roots that are used as anchors to replace missing teeth or to stabilize dentures. This technology is augmented with developments in the field of bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration. Simply put, you need to have enough bone and soft tissue in order to place an implant and these areas help.  Over the last five years we have spent considerable time bringing the latest techniques in these areas.

What makes implants a game changer is their ability to give people teeth and improve the quality of their lives in ways that simply were not available before. Placing them is another way that lives are constantly being improved by what we can do. An that makes for an AMAZING day!