The Greater New York Dental Meeting and Beyond…

Our annual expedition to the Greater New York Dental Meeting has drawn to a close, and as always I am afflicted with sensory overload. Sensory overload come from multiple points: A sense of wonderment from the glitz and pomp of the convention, a sense of pride in fellow dental professionals for attending the variety of continuing education opportunities, a sense of thankfulness for the manufacturers of dental materials and equipment for continually trying to raise the bar in our field, and a sense of gratitude to the people who put this massive event together.

Our time at the convention consisted in a mix of activities.  We took a number of different courses, spoke with a number of our current vendors to make sure that we were getting the most out of our equipment and materials, and we also looked at a variety of new options for the office.We also had a brush with greatness, posing with the giant walking tube of Crest toothpaste – look for the pics on the Crest Facebook page!

We also had an opportunity to meet up with some of the mebers of Practical Clinical Courses, where Dr. Christensen teaches, and Dr. Janice and I both mentor other dentists. Dr. Christensen has made tremendous contributions to the profession and Dr. Janice and I are honored to be a part of his team.

So what was the net result? We came back to the office energized and looking forward to providing some new opportunities to improving the patient experience at Cazes Family Dentistry.