CazesCare Discount Dental Plan is Online!!

Over the years, many of our patients without dental insurance have asked us if we knew of an affordable dental plan that would make financial sense for them to purchase as individuals. After a lot of research we found out that there were no such plans available! Why not? It’s because dental “insurance” is usually purchased as a group plan by employers, and money is deducted from the pay checks of a large group of employees. Many of the employees don’t use the plan and that is how the cost per enrollee is lower (and also how the insurance company makes its profit). When an individual goes to buy a dental plan, the insurance company figures that the purchaser plans on using the “insurance”, so they raise the rate and put in a variety of limitations and exclusions in order to maintain their profit margin. Net result – frustration of the person looking to take care of their teeth, delay of needed care, and a decline in their oral health!

Well, we’re tired of this and have come up with a solution! That’s right, now you can join our CazesCare dental plan. This is a membership in a discount dental treatment plan that entitles you to many services at no additional cost and others at a reduced rate. By using our in-office CazesCare plan, the average person saves over $240 per year. It’s easy to sign up, and it’s what we call the NO PLAN:

  • NO waiting periods
  • NO pre-approvals
  • NO exclusions
  • NO confusing jargon
  • NO complicated forms
  • NO BS!

Just instant gratification and great care for your smile! So if you or someone you know is avoiding dental care because they don’t have insurance or are worried about the costs, tell them NO! And check out our new affordable membership plan at Cazes Family Dentistry!