Emergency Dentist in Long Valley, NJ

woman holds side of face because of tooth pain and needs an emergency dentist in Long Valley NJ.Looking for an emergency dentist? Cazes Family Dentistry is open late and on Saturdays for anyone in Long Valley, Hackettstown and other Morris County neighbors, so that we can address your dental emergency as quickly as possible. In most cases, we can start treatment right away.

After Hours Access to an Emergency Dentist

If you’re calling our practice after hours, please follow the prompts on our recording. Dr. Jay or Dr. Janice can be reached by cell phone in regard to managing severe pain or immediate dental emergencies. Or, one of our emergency coordinators will gather your information and forward it to us.

Some of the most common dental emergencies that we see include:

Chipped, Broken, Knocked Out Teeth

Avulsed or broken teeth can often be placed back into the mouth when care is sought within the first 60-90 minutes. Store your tooth in a cup of milk or saline.

Broken Bridges, Crowns, or Fillings

If a restoration has broken out or fallen off of your tooth, it is very likely that there is some sort of underlying decay or fractures to the tooth structure. In some cases, a dental crown or dental bridge can be re-cemented in place.

Denture Repairs

A broken denture or partial can make it impossible for you to eat or even speak clearly. Store your prosthesis in a zip top bag and bring it to our office so that we can assist you with the repairs.

Swelling or Abscessed Teeth

black man gets teeth examined after coming in for emergency dental careSevere damage, infection, or tooth decay can cause the nerve inside of a tooth to abscess. Taking antibiotics or an anti-inflammatory medication can help to eliminate initial swelling or pain, but a root canal will be in order to save the tooth for good.

It’s important to call us as quickly as possible. New patients are always welcome. As soon as we know that you’re on your way, we will prepare for your arrival and fast pain relief. Cazes Family Dentistry also offers a 10% discount on all services to CazesCare savings plan enrollees. Call us today to find out more.

Drs. Jay and Janice Cazes provide a comprehensive menu of dental services, no matter what your smile has been through.